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Is it really the best NRR? I'm sure you can easily put whatever value you have on a label (and make an appealing diagram) but is it really true?

Thank you for your question. Unlike many Ear Muffs on the market ours are tested and certified by an independent 3rd party lab to verify the Noise Reduction Rating per the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) S3.19 Test Standard. The lab used is based in Denver, CO.

We also have our ear muffs tested and certified to the European CE EN 352.1 standard.
We have noticed some companies do not properly follow the ANSI standard and actually list a false NRR value. This happens when companies do not fully understand the standard and fail to deduct 3dB from their test results, which the ANSI standard specifies in section 40CFR PART 211-Product Noise Labeling.

We have followed the standard as outlined and deducted the 3dB from our NRR test results to arrive at our best NRR Product Noise Labeling per the ANSI standard specifications.

Our customers say ClearArmor Ear Muffs perform better than other brands - Real Amazon Customers, Real Amazon Reviews, Real World Results.

** These earmuffs are outstanding, and I say that as someone who has tried many in order to protect my ears, especially in shooting sports. I used them at the range the day they arrived and found them to work better than previous muff, some of which were quite expensive and included electronics. Their dB rating is the highest I could find. I strongly recommend them.
Arthur - FL - Apr 23, 2015

** I got these for shooting a shotgun. They are noticeably better at reducing noise than the cheap 3M Peltor H10A Optime 105 Earmuffs I was using before that were nrr rated at 30dB.
Mel - May 30, 2015

** I bought two pair for my wife and I to use in our wood shop. The muffs are very comfortable and do an amazing job of blocking out the noise from the tools like planers that reach over 105db for extended periods.
Larry - MN - Jun 19, 2015

** For some years I have used three or more different brands of so-called high quality hearing muffs. I use my muffs for operating noisy tractors and mowers, for wood-working, and at the firing range. After having tried these muffs, I can say with certainty that they are clearly superior to the others so far. Not only is the noise reduction considerably better, but The design and construction appears superior to the other muffs. These are my Go To muffs now!!
Donald - LA - May 28, 2015

** Top sound protection and simple. I'm 66 and I have had sound related hearing loss and tinnitus most of my adult life. I have several sets of Safety Ear Muffs and I use the highest NRR rating I can find, not for me, for my family! My Grand kids have these ClearArmors on or we don't go to the range. Simple as that from someone who knows. A few bucks? The cost of a box of 30-30's to guarantee you've protected your kids hearing? Trust me, it's worth it!
John - Oregon - May 11, 2015
Will these push so hard on the side of my head that it would be uncomfortable? (I bought and returned a Howard Leight pair because it hurt to wear)

Thank you for your question. Comfort is important and the ClearArmor earmuffs have a snug reliable fit, padded head band, fold up easily so they do not take up much space and the 26dB NRR rating is better than other brands.

When it comes to pressure on the head all ear muffs have some pressure and what each person is comfortable with varies from person to person. 98% of users like the comfort and snug fit of the ClearArmor earmuffs, however about 2% of users felt the side pressure was uncomfortable to use for long periods of time (which is similar to all safety ear muffs). ClearArmor guarantees your satisfaction, so there is no risk to try them.

Customers say ClearArmor Ear Muffs are more comfortable than other brands - Real Amazon Customers, Real Amazon Reviews, Real World Results.

** I wore them for nearly 6 hours straight without any discomfort. Noise reduction was good, even over prescription and shooting glasses.
Tneking - Apr 01, 2015

** Excellent sound reduction and fit. My hat size is 7 5/8, and I do not feel my head is in a vise when I wear these. Wore them for 4 hours while shooting sporting clays without any fatigue or ear/head pain and they never interfered with the gun stock. If you are into shooting, BUY THEM NOW!
William - NY - Jun 19, 2015

** I was looking for a replacement pair of folding ear muffs to use for studying. After using for about one week, I have been very pleased. I find them to be easily adjustable, more comfortable and distribute pressure around the ears more evenly than my last pair (3M TEKK Folding Ear Muffs).
Scott - WA - Jun 14, 2015

** "They are phenomenal. I have wore them straight for two hours without feeling any pressure on my ears and without pressing my glasses against my temple. I have zero pain. I could not wait to get rid of my old ones. I usually can't wear them more than 30 minutes. Thanks for a great product.
Samir - PA - Apr 13, 2015

** I used them while mowing the grass tonight for five hours and they were comfortable the whole time. The headset cut out a lot more noise than the old set I was using.
Leslie - NY - Jun 22, 2015
Has anyone used these at the range with a rifle? Any interference with the cups and the stock?

Thank you for your question. These work great for hearing protection at both indoor and outdoor shooting ranges. They have a snug reliable fit when shooting a rifle, they stay in place and really muffle the sound for large and small caliber guns. They have a padded head band for comfort, fold up easily so they do not take up much room in your gun bag and the NRR rating is better than other brands.

Customers say ClearArmor Ear Muffs perform better than other brands - Real Amazon Customers, Real Amazon Reviews, Real World Results.

** They work great in the shooting range! I had bought a 3M Peltor Ultimate 10 Hearing Protector pair first, they claimed they were for the shooting range, but when that pair arrived, they said they were for sports and they suggested using them along with ear plugs, so I returned them and bought these. These are much better.....
Reezie - Jun 21, 2015

** I purchased the ClearArmor ear muffs for hearing protection at a large and usually busy indoor gun range and also after extensive online research. Last weekend I used the ClearArmor muffs at the gun range for the first time, and was extremely impressed and very satisfied. I first noticed how light and comfortable the muffs feel on my head, how well they fit, and then how incredibly effective they are in attenuating the very loud noises of large caliber firearm discharge at the shooting range, even from the portals immediately adjacent to mine. The well made and ingenious folding design makes storage and transport simple and easy. If you have exposure to a high dB enviornment<sic>, inside or outside, and want maximum protection for your precious hearing, you absolutely will love the ClearArmor product and, as I have, find them well worth the price. I highly recommend this product.
SkyKingCFI - Jan 07, 2015

** I had bought military ear muffs, thinking they'd be the best, but they were not. Then a friend loaned me his S&W blue, they were good 29db, So I looked for a pair, but could not find a high rating pair. Then I found the clear armor folding strap and knew I had to have them. Now there is no looking back. Sent 200 9mm down range, and had a friend either side of me doing the same, fast action, and shot high scores too. I used to flinch with my old ear muffs, but not now, not again. On the weekend comp I improved on my best score. I will continue to improve too."
Wayne - Mar 11, 2015

Richard - IL - Jan 07, 15

** Went to the Firing Range. First time I did not need ear plugs along with the Ear Muffs. Guy next to me shooting a .50 cal handgun sounded like a .22 short. Great fit and I have a big head. Fits over ears every well, could wear for hours, no problem. Worked as good or better than the high price ear muffs.
Dana - CA - Mar 18, 2015
These look great for professional and industrial users but are they also good for everyday use around the house for women, kids, studying & concerts?

Thank you for your question. YES, Many customers have used the ClearArmor ear muffs for these types of activities. They do work great for Professional and Industrial users, but they also work great for Kids, Studying, Concerts, Special Needs, Auto Racing, Yard Work, Travel, Loud Neighbors, Blocking City Noises and even Sleeping.

Customers say ClearArmor Ear Muffs are great at blocking noise for all kinds of situations - Real Amazon Customers, Real Amazon Reviews, Real World Results.

"I needed the highest rating I could find for yard work. They are comfortable and adjustable so the kids can use them when they are doing their part."
Paul - MS - Jan 19, 2015

"I am beyond satisfied with this product! This is money very well spent as the product is of excellent quality and I have no doubts these muffs will serve me for years to come. I really like how they fold up to a pretty small size. They create a great seal around the ears while still being pretty comfortable, especially with the padded headband, a nice touch. I got these ear muffs specifically for the purpose of studying. They dampen outside sound superbly well, and probably a little too well for my purposes haha a bit overkill especially if you're in a fairly quiet room, but that's certainly not a negative. For other purposes like construction, working with power tools, shooting, I am positive these are the best ear muffs you could spend your money on. Fantastic product! Highly recommended."
Yunfan - CA - May 28, 2015

"The best bang for your buck as far as passive earmuffs are concerned. Very impressed with these solidly built muffs and could not be happier with my purchase. They fit me, my petite wife, my teenage son and my skinny little tweenage daughter. They plain just work without any complications - what more could you ask for?"
Jason - CO - Jun 20, 2015

"Excellent product!! I use them for studying. They effectively drown out the noises in the background. Everyone that I've let try them on are amazed by how quiet things become. Shhh beware the silence!!!!"
Amazon Customer - Jun 05, 2015

"I bought this to cancel out noise when studying or wanting to take a quick nap or sleep in, I have 3 younger siblings at home and a crazy work schedule so I needed something to drown out the noise, while you can still hear with them on the noise is relatively low. I also like the design of the ear muffs, as they're space efficient in my book bag, overall a great product and love it."
Jesus - MD - Mar 06, 2015

"I have a Kirby vacuum and lots of hard surfaces (stone and glass). The noise was unbearable. These solved the problem. Comfortable and definitely take care of the noise. Husband uses also for blower, etc."
Amazon Customer - AZ - Jun 11, 15

"I work in cube-world and some of my neighbors are louder and more annoying than others. The conditions can be less than ideal for the intense focus sometimes required for the tasks at hand. These ear muffs do an outstanding job of isolating me from the noise so that I can concentrate on the signal. They are also quite comfortable."
Russ - CA - Jun 18, 2015

"The ear muffs are great, we bought them for our autistic son to wear to the movies and baseball games because they tend to be too loud for him. He loves them."
Rose - NJ - Jun 20, 2015

"Bought this item for my son, who will be going to monster jam next week. We've tried them out around the house. Yes, at three, they even fit him. They are more comfortable than other brands I have tried. We got these for the NRR rating, we wanted GOOD seats! They do fit an adult, but if you have a larger head circumference than most, they may be to snug. Perfect for what we need, better than other "kid" brand ear muffs, durable and will be able to use them for years to come as he grows."
Kristen - WI - May 06, 2015

"I purchased these headphones specifically for scales and other exercises at the piano. They're snug but not uncomfortably so. I can hear what I'm playing but the volume has been turned down, and now capable of playing several hours longer without hurting my listening tools. Hope that helps, and thank you for the product."
Alexander - CA - May 22, 2015

I was worried that they would not fit the kids or myself, but they are awesome, fit both kids and adults. Very happy with the product so far, we have tested them at the range this past weekend. They work perfect.
Gene - CA - Mar 08, 2015

"I got these ear muffs for two reasons, their compact size and their noise reduction capabilities. I got them in the mail faster than I expected and they do a great job of folding up and blocking out noise. I now carry them in my bag on my daily commute and use the ear muffs to block out much of the noise on the train, from engine noise to noisy commuters. Well worth it."
Roger - MD - Jan 13, 2015

"I love listening to music but also love trap shooting but the two types of activities can be incompatible if you are not careful. Shooting trap with my shotgun and going through 300-400 shells/week can really pose a threat to my hearing so a solution for this problem was needed. The ear muffs do their job very well but I still use them with silicone ear plugs to further decrease any sound."
Ramona - MN - May 18, 2015

"I just received my clear armor ear muffs and I love em. I work with a lot of wood working equipment (several motors running at the same time) Makes all the difference in the world. I highly recommend them to anyone that shoots or works around high pitched motors."
Malcolm - TX - May 25, 2015

"We have received the headsets. I am pleased with them so far. If they hold up to our grad students I will be ordering more of them over time. We run high pressure air at supersonic exit speeds for many of our experiments and I am always looking for headsets with high db noise reduction ratings. Yours have the highest rating I have seen."
Mark - OH - Jun 16, 2015

"I got these ear muffs because I happened to move next door to a gun range without knowing it. I work from home so this is VERY distracting. That being said, I tried at least 3 other ear muffs (mostly the Peltor brands from Wal-Mart). They were 'okay', but did not block out the loud gun fire. I ordered these from Amazon because of the ratings and I was not disappointed. They block out EVERYTHING! The gunshots are still barely audible, but not an irritant."
Scott - May 30, 2015

"I bought two pairs -- one for myself and one for my husband. After wearing them around the house, It looks like these safety ear muffs will work out for us -- compact to store, comfortable & adjustable enough for both my husband and myself. I like the roominess in the cups for my ears -- it seals my entire ear inside the cups plus I can even wear earrings with them :-) I have not worn them at the gun range yet but as I also wear ear plugs in addition to my muffs, I am sure they will provide plenty of additional hearing protection regardless. I was surprised to hear at a gun shop that a customer claimed he had difficulty locating above 30dB rated safety ear muffs, and here they are! I decorated my pair so that my husband won't grab them by mistake!"
Frances - OH - Jun 02, 2015

"These worked great for Monster Jam. We could still hear the announcer clearly,but at a normal voice volume. The truck noise never bothered my kids and I. I saw other adults and kids covering their ears ,even though they had the foam inserts. I'm glad I purchased these. These fit my 5yr and 8yr old and me perfectly since they are adjustable."
Mode - Jun 22, 2015

"Took my 4 yr old son to the NHRA Pro Winter Warm-ups, still capable of hearing conversation (albeit muffled), the cars were running sub-4 second 1/4 mile at 300+ mph and both me (big guy, big head) and my son (biggest 4 yr old I know) were able to wear these comfortably. Noise reduction was excellent. They are lighter than I expected. Could wear for extended periods of time."
FL - Jun 08, 2015

"These are terrific safety muffs, especially for the price point! I used them for the first time on the shooting range this week. Not only were they extremely comfortable, but they were also superior in sound protection than my Winchester 'pink' muffs. I can see using these for a variety of reasons, i.e. lawn mowing, etc... They are light weight and adjustable, so anyone wanting ear protection for their children, I would highly recommend these. Also, great customer service from the company, (which is rare these days.) Thanks Clear Armor."
Heather - MO - Jun 04, 2015

"I am impressed with their performance. I originally wanted to buy one for my 9 y/o when we go shooting, but decided on purchasing additional units to augment those I had previous purchased at various times from other vendors. Yours are definitely the quietest I have seen. Thank you for both mailing and asking, shows you are wanting to hear from the end consumer, but also putting out such a fine product. I have no doubt we will be doing more business in the future and will show others at the range your product."
Ted - OH - Mar 17, 2015

"I bought these for my super-sound-sensitive autistic daughter. She reports that they are great, and comfortable to wear."
Karen - MD - Jun 06, 2015

"They arrived quickly. My 19 year-old son used them yesterday for the first time and said they were "superb"! Thanks!"
MO - May 22, 2015

"We used all 4 pairs at the Grand Prix in Montreal last weekend and they were great. My son wanted to wear them the whole day - not just when the cars were racing. Very happy with the purchase."
Ckonczal - Apr 29, 2015

"We're going through a miserable period of heavy construction on both sides of our building. I ordered the ClearArmor ear muffs in desperation, and miraculously they work! We enjoy real silence, even when the biggest pile drivers are going full blast. I can't tell you how relieved and grateful we are."
Paula - MA - Mar 12, 2015

"I am very pleased with the ClearArmor Safety Ear Muffs; it was easy to order from Amazon and they arrived within three days of placing the order. The ear muffs fit securely, without squeezing the head or squashing the ears, and they appear to be quite durable. I bought the ear muffs for my daughter who has autism as well as sensory defensive disorder. She has been wanting to learn to use some power tools, but the noise levels were too high for her to be able to tolerate using them. With these ear muffs doing such a terrific job in buffering the sounds, she is successfully reaching out and trying something new."
Lea - May 04, 2015

"Works and fits like a dream! Could hardly believe how well these perform, esp for such a good price. Bought these for construction work but now realize how useful they'll be for other things. Love how they fold up too."
Sav Jay - ID - Jun 22, 2015

"My family uses this for study and this provide peaceful focus environment when other family members are also using the same room or other rooms As this avoid good amount of noise disturbance."
Kapil - CA - Jun 13, 15

"I bought these to save what hearing I have left. They really knock the level of my power tools to almost nothing. I am very happy with them."
RR - Jun 23, 2015

I bought them for my girlfriend so she can find peace and quiet on her off hours at the summer camp where she's working. She loves them, and tells me they do exactly what she needs: dull all the little sounds that suffuse a group living situation.
N L - May 18, 2015

"Love 'em! We are a foster home and took in a partially-deaf toddler who (through no fault of her own, of course) talks and sings way too loudly. We usually have a very peaceful home out here in the piney woods of Central Texas. But her voice level was jarring and I have very sensitive hearing. While she is working with therapists and will soon have a hearing aid, in the meantime I needed a quick fix. These "Safety Ear Muffs" from ClearArmor were exactly what I needed! Ahhhh, sweet peace! Thank you, ClearAmor, for this excellent product."
Bree - TX - Jun 25, 2015

"Outstanding product. Would recommend for any situation with high noise levels. Works great at shooting range."
David - IL - Jun 05, 2015

"My 21 year old son is very pleased with the product. He's Aspergers & is sensitive to loud sounds, yet he's equally passionate about being a rock musician in a band. These ear muffs should prove very useful."
David - CA - Jun 24, 2015
While wearing the ear protection, will I be able to hear some noise like someone speaking loudly or yell to get my attention? I work at the airport!

Hellow<sic>,I'm glad to answer your question.
I also experienced your problem before when living in a collective dormitory with many other people,some of whom often yelled or spoke loudly and even made me suffer from neurasthenia. Now with this earmuff,I could really feel the big decrease of noise from vehicles and crowds. Wearing it I am almost insulated from noise out of the window.

By EMILE WANG on September 2, 2015
Yes, you will!
By Vincent Caron on September 2, 2015
Yes, I work at the airport also and it muzzles the loud noises but still makes it easy to hear people speaking.
By Hunter Sayers on September 2, 2015
I had no problem hearing commands from the shooting range safety officer. 
By Jack Harden on September 2, 2015
You will, we wore them to the indoor shooting range this past weekend and had no issues communicating while wearing them.
By Rob on September 2, 2015